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DIY Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirror

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirror – Reclaimed wood has a natural patina, making it ideal for projects with a retro or antique feel. Using recycled wood takes a little more work, because it does not come directly from the rack. And also recently sanded and ready to go, like fresh wood. Once you have established your system for prepping the wood, should any additional workers more than offset by savings in materials.
Mirrors may not be what are top of the wish list, but if you manage to find the reclaimed wood bathroom mirror and get one that fits your bathroom perfectly, it can be the crowning glory. If you let it get more than just a practical purpose, it can enhance the style that you have chosen to the bathroom. You can choose perhaps stylish minimalism, old-fashioned idyll or glossy glamour. Mirrors reflect a lot of light and make the room feel more spacious, which is especially desirable if the bathroom is small. You can have one or more, the choice is yours!
You can actually frame the reclaimed wood bathroom mirror without taking it down, and simply attach the frame around the glass. Will use a special type of clothing called off the reclaimed wood, which has a notch cut out of the back to accommodate the mirror edge and covers the exposed sides.
Instructions to make reclaimed wood bathroom mirror, hold a piece off the reclaimed wood on each edge of the mirror. And then make a mark with a pencil where you must cut piece. Cut the trim with a table saw along each mark you made on it. The ends should be cut at 45 degree angles to form a square corner when mated. Reclaimed wood dealt with at both the front and back, and on each side, and the cut ends. Let the reclaimed wood to rest for two days to allow the target to settle in smoothly.
Next steps for make reclaimed wood bathroom mirror, mix the fast curing epoxy according to directions on your specific product. Spread a thin layer of the prepared epoxy on the back of each piece of reclaimed wood and press the reclaimed wood around the mirror. Now tape reclaimed wood to the mirror and the wall with masking tape and allow the epoxy to dry. Just remove the tape after the epoxy has cured, as long as the product dictates.

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirror

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