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How to Remove a Bathroom Sink Stopper

How to remove a bathroom sink stopper – bathroom renovations can be challenging. Deciding what to change and find the right combination of things. It useful to add back in can make or break a bathroom renovation. Bathrooms need to be comfortable, welcoming and relaxing. Under an old cracked sink with the best colors and accessories in a bathroom not support that goal. This is when it is time to replace the sink. A washing replacement will require a few hours to complete.
The plunger or stopper of the toilet bowl goes up and down. So that water can be contained in the sink or allow it to drain. This is done by pushing or pulling the lever on the back of the sink. Under the sink, the lever is connected to a lifting rod. The lifting rod, in turn, opens into the tube below the sink. Where the plug is connected and lifting. Occasionally, you will need to remove the toilet sink stopper to clear the drain or retrieve lost objects. Do you know how to remove a bathroom sink stopper?
Process of how to remove a bathroom sink stopper starting with press down the plug lever on the back of the sink. The lavatory cap will lift. Place a piece of plastic or wood (not to damage the finish) under the cap to keep it open. Follow the plug rod from the sink to where you are with the vertical lift lever under the sink. Where these two connect, you will notice a small spring clip. Tighten the ends of the clip. Pull the rod and release the lifting lever. Unscrew the coupling where the lift lever extends to the last straight pipe just below the drain. Use the clip if necessary.
Remove the lifting lever from the end piece. Lift the stopper and remove it from the sink. Some contractors use caulk to help seal the bottom of the tap. So it may take some extra effort to tap out. Unscrew the drain at the bottom of the sink. And use a razor knife to cut through the caulk running around in the sink. Pull up on the sink, while cutting the caulk away from it. Lift out the sink vanity. Clear out any remaining caulk on the wall and vanity. Tips & warnings of how to remove a bathroom sink stopper: Place a lid on the outlet in the end piece if you are going to remove the cap permanently. Otherwise, water can spilled on all sides when using the sink.

How to remove a bathroom sink stopper

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