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Easy Tricks to Unclog Bathroom Drain

Unclog Bathroom Drain – Everyone knows the warning signs. The sink has difficulty draining the water because the pipe is literally clogged, you notice that the water accumulates in the shower and suddenly you perceive odious odors. Those strange and unpleasant odors that give off the pipes, make us think how we could eliminate them and are a clear proof that the drain is stuck. It is time to solve the obstruction!
The first technique is use vinegar and baking soda functions to unclog bathroom drain. We must get half a cup of baking soda, half a cup of vinegar and 3 liters of water. To begin, pour the sodium bicarbonate in the drain and then the half cup of vinegar. The mixture produces an instant effervescence. Afterwards we should wait at least one hour and pour three liters of hot water very carefully. We wait a while to check if the potion has worked and we have the problem solved. If we have not been able to unclog the pipe, we must use a manual plunger to help remove stuck dirt.
The next technique to unclog bathroom drain is use fold a J-shape metal wire or hook. Very simple, but truly effective. Get a wire hanger and mold it until you get a hook shape. Insert it in the drain to remove any dirt. Thanks to this technique we must be able to empty the duct of all existing hair and dirt. After removing these debris, let the hot water run. This trick seems to us very effective, since everyone has wire hangers at home and it is very easy to get the pipe unclogged if it is not too obstructed.
If you have a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner at home it can be an excellent tool to unclog your drain. The first step is to start the vacuum cleaner and cover the ventilation grid to avoid any damage. Next, we must generate a vacuum sufficient to drain the dirt well. We can modify an old head to improve suction of the vacuum cleaner. If we can generate enough vacuum, we can easily remove the dirt from the clogged pipe. Many times the goal is not achieve, but it is worth the attempt.
The last is boiling water for unclog bathroom drain technique. This advice is the easiest of all (besides simple and economical). We put a bucket of abundant water to boil (it can be heat also with microwaves). Then pour the water slowly through the pipe in two or three phases, allowing the water to flow slowly and achieve the desired effect. It usually works if the stub is not very serious. Try it and comment if you have managed to unclog the pipes with this method.

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